Brief History of Adelaide

Legends tell of some of the first humans living side by side with the Fae, the Nevernever and the mortal plane blending together across the Adelaide plains.

But ancient pacts were broken and Fae and mortal fell to war – The Fae were powerful but Mortals have choice and are not bound by laws like creatures of the Nevernever are.

They fought back and managed to seal off the Nevernever, only to be supplanted by subsequent migrations of humans and the ancient knowledge, skill and art was lost.

The seal slowly wore away over time until the arrival of the English immigrants and the development that followed their settlement accelerated the wear on the seal.

By some unknown force, directed by an unknown hand, Churches, temples, shrines – places of belief sprung up around the city and as the seal gave out the Nevernever was held back, it was close, very close but it stayed a hairs breath away and most of the portals between planes were held off by the Churches.

The city grew, for the most part unaware of the supernatural just behind it. The people that do know prefer it that way – like most of Australia they are here and away from the magical politics of the ’Old World’ for a reason.

Brief History of Adelaide

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